Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center

Kip Barry’s Cabaret is also home to our nonprofit, Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center, a 501 (c)(3) organization.
Here we concentrate on recovery while providing a safe, inspiring, theatrical environment where people can heal by connecting with their creativity.
We believe in the therapy of the arts as a way to experience inner strength, develop self esteem and discover untapped artistic potential. We have witnessed amazing transformative creativity and life changing attitudes in people that we believe only the arts can achieve. The change in addicted, disabled and emotionally challenged individuals through the use of artistic therapy is unprecedented.
We utilize a variety of performance arts such as magic, music, improv, poetry, theater and comedy in our program. Our seasoned and talented entertainers, guest speakers, counselors and unique staff have years of experience in working WITH disabled and underprivileged individuals. We challenge our guests to explore their creative side, and encourage them to recognize their full potential. We work individually and in groups to promote social interaction. Everyone deserves a second chance at a life worth living. Here at the Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center, there is NOTHING more exciting than to see an artistic soul reignite!
Your donation will go a long way to helping those in the community. Thank you for supporting this cause, the arts, and helping these incredible people truly live again!

Kip Barry and Staff,
Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center
321 W. Katella Suite 141
Anaheim, CA 92802 USA