Shop with Shipt and save Time

What is Shipt?

 Shipt is a grocery delivery service. You can order your groceries and other goods through their app or website, and then they are delivered straight to you by one of their shoppers.


How Much does Shipt Cost?

Shipt membership is $99 per year or $14 per month.

Save $50 when you sign up for an annual membership using this coupon


Why use Shipt? Paying for convenience.

No more driving through Traffic to get to the store

No more hunting for a parking spot

No more stressful grocery trips trying to shop and manage the kids at the same time

No more long queue at the register

Save time 


How to save money with Ship

Fist if you didn’t sign up already you can use this coupon to save $50 on an annual membership (just $49 for the whole year!).

If you shop at Target from you can buy all the items at the same price as the Store without any markup. Also if you own a Target red card you can order from and choose “Delivery with Shipt” for store prices, offers and 5% off on top of it!

Use “On Sale” category to take advantage of Sales, Bogos and category cashback credits.

Take advantage of Free Shipping placing orders of $35+


Magical Birthday Party Shows Are Available

In need of an Awesomely Amazing place to throw a Magical Birthday Party, come to Kip Barry’s Cabaret, where we will treat you as family, and make your special day Magically Fun and Awesome. So, again, if you are in need of a place to plan a Birthday Party, plan it here at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, Where Magic Happens!

Barry’s Magic Café Grand Opening on February 3rd

Finally after a labor of love and hard work, we’d like to present to you our brand new location, Kip Barry’s Magic Café, located at the Grand Legacy at the Park.  

Please join us for the GRAND OPENING of our spectacular Kip Barry’s Magic Café on February 3rd.  You don’t want to miss it!

Here you can not only grab a great cup of coffee, but put an extra spring in your step with a good laugh with one of our unique tricks and gags.

Feel a little tired and down? Come grab a hot cappuccino and a set of our award winning Lights From Anywherefeatured in the movie Now You See Me 2). 

Kip Barry
is the brains behind our caffeinated enchantment as well as our lead entertainer.

He was inspired to open Kip Barry’s Magic Café across from Disneyland for people to discover the wonders of magic and to hear about the flagship location Kip Barry’s Cabaret, located in Anaheim GardenWalk.

Kip Barry’s Magic Café also brings a uniquely different experience to the Anaheim area and the Grand Legacy at the Park itself. It gives you a taste of the “old world” variety theater feel that we have at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, which embraces not only magic, but all the varying talents people are gifted with in the performing arts.


Kip’s vision for Kip Barry’s Magic Café is simply for people to come in and feel special. It’s nice to feel excited walking into a cool, different, magical coffee shop, while shopping for some great magic tricks, gifts, gags, or novelty items.

Our place is like a special event. It gets you energized when you walk in the door, from our variety of gourmet coffee drinks to our endless variety of snacks, giving yourself a much needed smile from our variety of pranks to start or end your day in hilarity.


Kip began entertaining at a very young age, but became interested in magic after seeing Harry Blackstone, Jr. at the age of 9.

Kip believes in sharing his gift to spread smiles, happiness and goodwill around the world.

According to Kip, People should share their talents for the greater good. With so many challenges going on around the world, we just try to have a place where people can enjoy some good cheer”.


So, if you happen to find yourself near Disneyland or the House of Blues, be sure to stop by and say hello to us at either Kip Barry‘s Cabaret at the Anaheim GardenWalk or Kip Barry’s Magic Café at the Grand Legacy at the Park.

We look forward to seeing you there!