A Collaboration

Today’s guest blog by Professor Fire

The performers and the audience make a show truly come alive.

I’ve performed before crowds of thousands, and ones where you can count the people on one hand, and while you’d think bigger is better, and in a a lot of ways it is, it really isn’t the size that matters.

Yes, we as entertainers should always give our best, no matter what is going on or how we feel, it’s our job..and we do as best we can..but still, we need something from the people.

It’s the energy that they give off, that we feed on. If they’re just sitting and watching, no expressions, no sounds or applause, it doesn’t matter how many there are, something lacks..but the oohs and ahhs, the laughter, the way their eyes light up, that’s the fuel that pushes us, that completes the circuit and takes it to the next level

It takes everyone to bring a show fully to life..to make it a happening.

I try to do my part..do you?

You can see Professor Fire perform live as part of ‘The Show’ at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, located in the Garden Walk in Anaheim.

A Taste for the Fire things in Life

Today’s guest blog by Professor Fire

Previously I wrote of the how I got into working with fire, now I’d like to speak of the why. “Because I can” is a response I’ve used and it does make people laugh, but it’s really only part of the reason. Fire-eating centers me, no matter what’s going on in the world or in my life all I have to do is light a torch and gaze into the flame and all’s right with the world, and with me. The first move is when my happiness begins.

This is my art, my creative outlet. It makes me think, to imagine what the end result will be and to strive to reach it.

And yet it helps me relax, in some cases makes me do so, since the harder I push, the less things seem to flow. I have to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, then start again, just let my experience and the fire itself make the moment happen.

I have built my act, and in a way my life, around fire, it has given me lots of chances I never would have had otherwise, especially to perform with my assistant Jym, to share my art, and the twisted sense of humor he and I share, with others.

Origin of Professor Fire

Today’s guest blog by Professor Fire

It was crisp fall day, late 1960’s in a little town in New Jersey. The kids were playing and hanging around while the adults burned large piles of leaves, filling the yard with a pleasant aroma. Then, for reasons I still don’t understand, my “friend” decided to push me in.

Thanks to Levi’s and their flame-retardant material, the physical injuries weren’t that bad and healed fairly fast. But the psychological ones were another story…

For decades, I could not get near fire in any form. Even a small birthday candle was terrifying. If for any reason I had to light a match I would pray for it not to work, if it did, I would drop it and jump back.

Time passed and new friends came into my life with similar yet different interests, one of which was fire. I would of course sit as far away as possible as I watched them practice, but soon my fascination grew. I would edge a little closer each time, and despite the fear I eventually found myself wanting to try it. It started out with just being able to hold a lit torch (a big step). Eventually I worked my way up to actually eating fire, transforming from scared and scarred child to master of combustible ingestion, the moment Professor Fire was born.

So always remember, don’t let fear run your life. Face your fears, or your fears just might run your life.

You can see Professor Fire perform live as part of ‘The Show’ at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, located in the Garden Walk in Anaheim.

Magical Birthday Party Shows Are Available

In need of an Awesomely Amazing place to throw a Magical Birthday Party, come to Kip Barry’s Cabaret, where we will treat you as family, and make your special day Magically Fun and Awesome. So, again, if you are in need of a place to plan a Birthday Party, plan it here at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, Where Magic Happens!

Vaudeville in Anaheim

Starting with Magic and Variety Shows, Staring Kip Barry and his cast of Wonderful Guest Performers every Thurs-Sun!  We’ve brought Vaudeville to Anaheim in a Modern State of The Art Way!

 But, “what is Vaudeville?” you might ask. Well, let us give you a small history lesson as to why it was such a big part of American culture.

If you look at the definition of Vaudeville it is “theatrical entertainment consisting of a number of individual performances, acts, or mixed numbers, as by comedians, singers,dancers, acrobats, and magicians.”


Vaudeville basically started the boom of entertainment becoming a big business. In the early 1880’s, a former ringmaster, Tony Pastor, made Vaudeville more appealing to audiences of all genders and ages. Before that it was more risque and usually catered towards male audiences.

Pastor also didn’t allow liquor to be sold during shows, as well as any other inappropriate acts to be performed. Then came along Benjamin Franklin Keith and his partner Edward Franklin Albee. They created such an appealing show for everyone, that even The Catholic Church in Boston helped fund to create more theaters!

Unfortunately when television and radio became more popular, the Vaudeville theatres dwindles and eventually, disappeared.

But, we here at Kip Barry’s Cabaret would like to give that experience to the world again!


Barry’s Magic Café Grand Opening on February 3rd

Finally after a labor of love and hard work, we’d like to present to you our brand new location, Kip Barry’s Magic Café, located at the Grand Legacy at the Park.  

Please join us for the GRAND OPENING of our spectacular Kip Barry’s Magic Café on February 3rd.  You don’t want to miss it!

Here you can not only grab a great cup of coffee, but put an extra spring in your step with a good laugh with one of our unique tricks and gags.

Feel a little tired and down? Come grab a hot cappuccino and a set of our award winning Lights From Anywherefeatured in the movie Now You See Me 2). 

Kip Barry
is the brains behind our caffeinated enchantment as well as our lead entertainer.

He was inspired to open Kip Barry’s Magic Café across from Disneyland for people to discover the wonders of magic and to hear about the flagship location Kip Barry’s Cabaret, located in Anaheim GardenWalk.

Kip Barry’s Magic Café also brings a uniquely different experience to the Anaheim area and the Grand Legacy at the Park itself. It gives you a taste of the “old world” variety theater feel that we have at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, which embraces not only magic, but all the varying talents people are gifted with in the performing arts.


Kip’s vision for Kip Barry’s Magic Café is simply for people to come in and feel special. It’s nice to feel excited walking into a cool, different, magical coffee shop, while shopping for some great magic tricks, gifts, gags, or novelty items.

Our place is like a special event. It gets you energized when you walk in the door, from our variety of gourmet coffee drinks to our endless variety of snacks, giving yourself a much needed smile from our variety of pranks to start or end your day in hilarity.


Kip began entertaining at a very young age, but became interested in magic after seeing Harry Blackstone, Jr. at the age of 9.

Kip believes in sharing his gift to spread smiles, happiness and goodwill around the world.

According to Kip, People should share their talents for the greater good. With so many challenges going on around the world, we just try to have a place where people can enjoy some good cheer”.


So, if you happen to find yourself near Disneyland or the House of Blues, be sure to stop by and say hello to us at either Kip Barry‘s Cabaret at the Anaheim GardenWalk or Kip Barry’s Magic Café at the Grand Legacy at the Park.

We look forward to seeing you there!

Cyber Monday at Kip Barry’s Cabaret

Cyber Monday or the Monday after Thanksgiving is here!

Just for Today and Tomorrow all our Magic DVDs are 50% OFF and everything in the store is Buy 3 get 1 FREE.

Take advantage of this great deal! This is the best time of the year to visit our Magical Gift Shop or be a part of one of our Magic and Variety Shows!

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Kip Barry’s Cabaret

The New Vaudeville @ The Anaheim Garden Walk

Yelp’s Favorite Show!

“Stop what you’re doing! If it’s the weekend, buy a ticket now and go see this show. If it’s the middle of the week…reserve your seats and pick up grandma and the kids.”

“The staff was amazing, friendly and attentive. Kip has an amazing voice, and I can tell he really enjoys what he does.”

“Kip is a real pro, a true showman and his guest star was phenomenal too.”

· Bring the whole family to have a magical time at Kip Barry’s Cabaret! Located on the second floor of the beautiful Anaheim Garden Walk!

· Show times are every Thursday, Friday, and Saturday @ 7:30 PM, and Sundays @ 2:00 PM!

· Free popcorn and an intimate setting where every seat seems like the front row!