A Collaboration

Today’s guest blog by Professor Fire

The performers and the audience make a show truly come alive.

I’ve performed before crowds of thousands, and ones where you can count the people on one hand, and while you’d think bigger is better, and in a a lot of ways it is, it really isn’t the size that matters.

Yes, we as entertainers should always give our best, no matter what is going on or how we feel, it’s our job..and we do as best we can..but still, we need something from the people.

It’s the energy that they give off, that we feed on. If they’re just sitting and watching, no expressions, no sounds or applause, it doesn’t matter how many there are, something lacks..but the oohs and ahhs, the laughter, the way their eyes light up, that’s the fuel that pushes us, that completes the circuit and takes it to the next level

It takes everyone to bring a show fully to life..to make it a happening.

I try to do my part..do you?

You can see Professor Fire perform live as part of ‘The Show’ at Kip Barry’s Cabaret, located in the Garden Walk in Anaheim.