The Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center non profit is the corner stone of our entire organization, and Kip’s main motivation for EVERYTHING we do!  

Kip started this 501c3 non profit with the SOLE PURPOSE OF HELPING PEOPLE THROUGH THE ARTS!


How?  Our theater is utilized for many purposes, but NONE MORE IMPORTANT than working with troubled individuals. 

Kip’s story:  After losing his brother to suicide, Kip found himself drinking beyond normal.  He could neither live with alcohol or without it.  It is with his struggle through that tumultuous time, that now he decades his recovery to helping others.  He feels it is imperative that he help his fellow man with a message of experience, strength and hope.  He believes this is especially important, if he is to stay recovered himself. 

The arts have been an integral part of his rehabilitation.  Kip knows that it can do the same for others!

Through this inspiring  message, we help many! This includes working with recovering addicts, families of addicts, troubled kids, military veterans and the elderly. 

Art & inspiration: Kip gives a very brief, but inspiring message during his amazing show.  We also have special magic, music, improv, creative writing, poetry & comedy nights, classes & workshops paid for by your generous donations  We help people express themselves creatively and work the 12 steps of recovery.  We stress the importance of integrating these tools into every day life. 

Studies show that consistent creativity in your life can help  replenish depleted “positive chemicals” such as dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

We focus on?  Gratitude, a positive attitude and social interaction are strongly encouraged.   We explore anger, depression and anxiety issues & practice stress management and conflict resolution. How to keep “your side of the street clean”!

 Necessary: Helping others is exentuated along with the importance of recovery steps, traditions, concepts, and a host of other useful topics such as “Isolation Not A Life”.  “No man or woman is an island”!

Facing fears:  Guests are invited to come up on to the stage, and are welcomed to open up.  We also guide, encourage and promote improv, poetry and the variety arts.

Where?  Our cabaret features documentaries, speakers, special events, seminars, movies & classes on such topics as coping in today’s society,  “A meaningful second chance at life” and recovering through creativity!

Disipline:  It’s learned, that practicing the performing arts is a great way to cultivate discipline & strength. Many discover hidden talents they never knew they had. 

Goal Our aim is to bring out the best in everyone, and to nurture new abilities. 

Encouragement: Individuals are encouraged to have goals, to make plans and to live up to their full potential!

 Prevention:  We emphasize good character over character defects.   We teach how negative behavior, people places and things can make relapse more inevitable.

Proof:  People learn how the arts can motivate and make life more purposeful, rewarding, and fun!

Success:  The arts encourage and promote self confidence & emotional stability and can give a deep sense of accomplishment and serenity. 

Everyone:  We believe that ALL PEOPLE are talented and worthy!  We also believe we all have hidden abilities and need purpose. 

A great many of us have been marginalized due to addiction, circumstance, emotional problems, misfortune or self sabotage, but CHANGE IS POSSIBLE!

You:  Your donations help us to keep our theater going!

😊 Without you, we could NOT DO WHAT WE DO!  It only takes 1 person to believe in you, that someone that cares enough to help you change your life!  Maybe you will be that someone!

Your donations are GREATLY APPRECIATED!


God Bless You 🙏


Thank you,


Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center 

Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center
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