In addition to dedicating ourselves to our business and show, our main focus is our 501c3 non profit, The Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center.

During non show times we strive to help disadvantaged, disabled, addicted and the elderly, deal with their life challenges.  By utilizing our lovely theater space as a workshop, we create a  nurturing, creative and open environment.   We guide individuals to express an inner, emotional, creative and often hidden side of themselves.    We believe everyone has talents, so we encourage people to use their gifts!  We also urge everyone to perform on stage to express themselves, explore emotions, and discover talents that may have been hidden away by misfortune, disease and addiction.  Our organization utilizes the performing arts as a way of healing, learning, communicating,  reconnecting and recovery.  Over 95 % of ALL our proceeds go to helping the recovery community.  We sincerely thank you for ANY, every and all your kind donations!


Kip Barry 

Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center
321 W. Katella Suite 139
Anaheim, CA 92802 USA