Kip feels life is about giving, so our MAIN FOCUS over all else is on our 501c3 non profit, The Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center.

Our goal here is to inspire through the arts and to help our community by giving hope & artistic purpose to disadvantaged individuals,  kids, Veterans, the disabled, people in recovery and the elderly!

We utilize our cabaret as a center for possibility,  strength and inspiration.  We encourage people to embrace new, creative and artistic thinking!  We use Prestidigitation, magic, music, improv and many other of the performance arts, to explore inner creativity. 

The arts are a great way to reveal inner strength and unknown talents, to promote self confidence, emotional stability, serenity and sociability. 

We encourage our guests to join in the work shops we have and when ready to perform on stage, to open up, explore their talents & discover hidden abilities,  that may have been non existent or marginalized due to circumstance, emotional problems,  misfortune, self sabotage or the disease of addiction. 

Your donations help us to give our show tickets to different groups including, homeless Veterans and people who are recovering from substance abuse.    

Your kind Donations also go towards materials, workshops, volunteers, classes and expenses needed to do our important work!  All proceeds STAY IN THE LOCAL COMMUNITY. 

Thank you so very much, for your INCREDIBLY appreciated gift!


Kip Barry 

Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center
321 W. Katella Suite 139
Anaheim, CA 92802 USA