The Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center is our 501c3 non profit dedicated to helping others through the arts.  

We feel our #1 purpose is to help others!  It is our mission to give hope, direction and inspiration to troubled youth, recovering addicts, the elderly and disadvantaged individuals.  We strive to change lives using the performance arts to inspire others and lift people up! 

It is our talents, performances and workshops that introduce creativity to every day life and stress social recovery through the arts! 

Our facility is used to host shows, seminars & work shops with topics such as, “A meaningful second chance at life”. 

It is our aim to bring out everyones abilities and encourage individuals to live up to their dreams, plans and goals. 

People learn new, positive and artistic techniques to handle life’s challenging situations.

We demonstrate how the arts can be used as new & positive coping tools, as well as to motivate and make life more purposeful, rewarding, and fun!

By using magic, music, improv and comedy, we see how utilizing our creative side can help replenish (naturally) often depleted dopamine, norepinephrine and serotonin.

Many learn that the performing arts are a great way to find strength, discover hidden talents, encourage discipline, promote emotional stability and give self confidence.  The arts also promote a sense of accomplishment and serenity. 

We invite people to perform on stage, to open up & reveal true selves.  We believe many have abilities that have not been discovered yet, or may have been marginalized due to circumstance, emotional problems, misfortune, self sabotage or the disease of addiction. 

Your donations help us to give workshops, provide supplies, instructors, show tickets, services and expenses.  Because of YOU, we’re able to help recovering Individuals, recovery centers, seniors, The homeless and Our Veterans.   


Thank you for your donations, it is Greatly Appreciated!


Kip Barry 

Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center 

Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center
321 W. Katella Suite 139
Anaheim, CA 92802 USA