Kip Barry’s Cabaret is also home to our nonprofit, Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center, a 501 (c)(3) organization.
Here we concentrate on healing with the arts.¬† We provide a safe, inspiring, theatrical environment where people can connect with the performance arts to find their creativity, while facing some of life’s biggest challenges.

Kip has dedicated his life (and consequently our place) to utilizing Kip Barry’s Cabaret, it’s theater and our performing arts variety talents, to helping others in need.¬†
This includes providing  improv &  theatrical lessons,  speaking and poetry sessions, performing arts workshops for the homeless, individuals in recovery (and their children) and variety arts classes for elderly, struggling & marginalized communities. 
Our goal is to help struggling people build back their lives through creative & artistic perfornance art’s therapy.¬†
We promote creativity, healthy mental and emotional health, as well as teach better communication skills for individuals to break the negative perpetual cycle of being separated from society. 
We’re here to inspire, promote self esteem, encourage self expression and to guide people towards developing good creative problem solving skills.¬†
Our sole goal and hope is to empower through the performance arts as
we guide people towards a more positive future! 
We are so pleased to see how people are finding new purpose as well as developing new artistic interests and talents. 
We also provide free show tickets to sober homes, organizations and gatherings to promote  good healthy social interaction, as well as to encourage fun and hope in recovery! 
All money we receive goes to a dedicated fund that allows us to pay for our operating costs, expenses and to provide for a safe space to continue this important work. 
We are incredibly grateful for all the support people are so generous enough to give!  Thank you very much!
We also use the variety arts along with our state-of-the-art theater as therapy to tap into our creative selves, to explore and experience inner strength, develop life skills, reduce anxiety, help depression and discover individual creative potential.
We have witnessed amazing transformations, self-confidence and life changing attitudes in people with this creative cutting-edge approach. The change in addicted, disabled, and emotionally challenged individuals through the use of this artistic therapy is astounding!
Individuals often find a NEW MORE CREATIVE way of thinking, and some a different more exciting life direction that often sparks a unique inspiration and more fulfilling future and purpose!

We specialize and use a variety of the performing arts, such as magic, music, improv, poetry, theater and comedy in our program. Our seasoned and talented guest speakers, counselors, entertainers and specialty staff have years of service with disabled, elderly, recovering and disadvantaged individuals. We encourage people to explore their creative side and we work with everyone to recognize their full artistic potential.

We work individually and in groups to promote social interaction.

We believe the arts enrich a person’s spirit and can give enlightenment and direction.

Here at the Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center, we get joy seeing individuals come to life and find a world worth living in again, all do to the arts! 

Your donation will go a long way in helping these individuals in our community.
Thank you for supporting this cause, the arts, and for giving these deserving people a real chance at a new & better way of life! 
Kip Barry and Staff,
Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center
321 W. Katella Suite 139
Anaheim, CA 92802 USA