6 Great Things To Know, When Booking Tickets For The Show!

👇 Ticket Calendar at the BOTTOM of the page  👇 

1). Show options: We have 3 main ticket sections, VIP Gold, Silver and Ruby. These categories are based upon their proximity to the stage. VIP Gold are closest to the stage, then Silver, followed by Ruby. Each seat and section is available for adults and children.  A child is between the age of 2 to 12 years of age.  Simply go to the bottom 👇 of this page, pick the date you wish to attend on the calendar, select which section you care to be in, select if you’re an adult or child, if you want dinner or not, and whether or not you want the beer & wine option (your ID will be checked with this option).  It’s Very easy.👌😉

2). DINNER MENU OPTION: Please note: If you choose this option dinner starts promptly at 6:45pm and 1:45pm on Sunday.  There is a 2 order minimum for ordering dinner, just as there is when ordering show tickets.  You will be entitled to 10 of the items served the week of your show by our chef.

We are pleased to introduce our great NEW MENU!  We have a lovely variety of healthy and delicious selections for everyone, including our vegetarian and gluten free friends!  Our Chef prepares a minimum of 10 of the following items each week and you can have 1 or all 10 if you choose.  Here are the items that  interchange from week to week.  They are picked from our guest’s favorites!  They include our delicious roast beef and gravy • delectable lightly smoked roasted pork loin lightly brushed in our savory house barbecue sauce • baby back barbecue spare ribs • steak kebab’s • organic Mediterranean chicken breast Shish kebab’s grilled in extra virgin olive oil • shrimp fried rice • cilantro lime chicken • Hawaiian • chicken • baked potatoes • authentic mashed  potatoes • cheesy scalloped potatoes • Japanese noodles w/fresh vegetables • Teriyaki stir fried noodles and vegetables • beef and Italian sausage lasagna • stir fried cauliflower rice w/ vegetables • mixed California vegetables • our delicious kale salad w/ cranberries, sunflower seeds and poppyseed dressing • fresh buttery french croissants • Hawaiian rolls • bottle of ice cold mineral water • gourmet cookies or other dessert!  Our Maitre d’ will personally serve you by section, from our serving station located in the theater area.  He will  offer you a choice of several selections, and you may have 1 or all of them!  *Note: PLEASE NO meal sharing.   Thank you

3). Drink option:
If you choose this, it  includes 2 generously poured drinks from a selection of premium and domestic beers, California wines and sparkling champagnes.  

⭐4). PLEASE NOTE: It is extremely important to be EARLY.  Make sure to arrive Λ MINIMUM of 15 to 20 mins early.  That means no later than 6:45pm Thur-Sat & Sun 1:45pm.  Arriving LATE or after 7 pm Thurs-Sat (2 pm on Sunday), MAY VOID YOUR TICKET(S)! *There is a very important & fun reason EVERYONE MUST enter into the theater at the same time with no LATE attendees.

5). Due to the fact that we are a non profit and have limited seating, our tickets are ADVANCED TICKETS ONLY and are NON REFUNDABLE 

6). Our non profit: In addition to dedicating ourselves to our business and show, our main focus is our 501c3 non profit, The Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center.

During non show times we strive to help disadvantaged, disabled, addicted and the elderly, deal with their life challenges.  By utilizing our lovely theater space as a workshop, we create a  nurturing, creative and open environment.   We guide individuals to express an inner, emotional, creative and often hidden side of themselves.    We believe everyone has talents, so we encourage people to use their gifts!  We also urge everyone to perform on stage to express themselves, explore emotions, and discover talents that may have been hidden away by misfortune, disease and addiction.  Our organization utilizes the performing arts as a way of healing, learning, communicating,  reconnecting and recovery.  Over 95 % of ALL our proceeds go to helping the recovery community.  We sincerely thank you for ANY, every and all your kind donations!



Kip Barry