6 Things To Know, When Booking Tickets For Our😊Show!

1). Show options: We have 3 main ticket sections, VIP Gold, Silver and Ruby. These categories are based upon their proximity to the stage. VIP Gold are closest to the stage, then Silver, followed by Ruby. Each seat and section is available for adults and children.  A child is between the age of 2 to 12 years of age.  Simply go to the bottom 👇 of this page, pick the date you wish to attend, select which section you want to be in & select if you’re an adult or child.  Then you can choose if you want the dinner option or not, and whether or not you want the beer & wine option (your ID will be checked with this option).👌😉  *Please note: If something says “out of stock”, that means only that the section is already sold out. 


Because of our limited seating, there is a 2 person MINIMUM when ordering dinner (just as there is for ordering show tickets).  

A. You will be served by our lead host, from our serving station located in our cabaret theater.  

B. Dinner starts promptly at 7pm and includes table side magic.  This happens at the same time as our parlor show is  entertaining our NON eaters in The Magic Cafe.  A chocolate chip dessert cookie and ice water are also included with dinner.

⭐️ Here are some examples of our weekly rotating house menu ⭐️

Peppered sirloin steak • baby back barbecue spare ribs • Mediterranean organic chicken breast shish kebab’s grilled in extra virgin olive oil  • Creamy Mushroom Pasta • broccoli and beef stir fry • grass fed sliced sirloin beef • Yakisoba Japanese noodles • Cilantro Lime chicken • roast beef & gravy • Italian sausage and beef lasagna • seasoned baked potatoes with butter • cheesy scalloped potatoes • fried rice with vegetables • Teriyaki stir fried noodles • Garlicky Roasted Cauliflower Pasta • steamed California vegetables • our house kale salad with poppyseed dressing, cranberries and sunflower seeds • warm French croissants • spring water • dessert cookie

3). Drink option: This option includes 2 generously poured drinks from a selection of premium and domestic beers & California wines.

 4) NOTE: PLEASE  BE EARLY:  Everyone enters into the Magical Cabaret from our MAGIC CAFE AS ONE GROUP, after the parlor pre-show.  You want to arrive before 7pm (or before 2pm on Sun) to get a good seat in The Magic Cafe and to settle in, relax and get a drink!  Our Pre-Show is also extremely entertaining and is always performed by world class guest entertainers.  It will really warm you up for the BIG SHOW in the main Cabaret theater!   Note Arriving late is very disruptive and may void your ticket. 

Our live PARLOR PRE-SHOW in the Magic Cafe starts promptly at 7pm!


5. PARKING:  We suggest parking at The  STC Anaheim Gardenwalk.  We usually have plenty of parking. and we can make sure that your first 2 hours are FREE.  Park on level 2 (the pink level), park close to the middle elevator, walk up 6 steps (or press 2R on elevator which takes you up the 6 steps) *use public r”estrooms to the right if needed.  You’ll notice a lit up mural of ours is on left.  Continue to the next corner take a left and we are 2 doors down on the left hand side (suite 141) go into The Magic Cafe.  Your first hour of parking is FREE & we will give you a sticker after the show to place on the back of your parking ticket for an additional FREE hour of parking. 



6). We are proud of our non profit, helping troubled kids and recovering individuals in our community.  It is our TICKET SALES and DONATIONS THAT ALLOW US TO DO THIS LIFE CHANGING WORK! FOR THIS IMPORTANT REASON, PLEASE BE AWARE OUR TICKETS ARE ADVANCED TICKETS ONLY AND ARE NON REFUNDABLE!   Kip Barry’s Cabaret and The Magic Cafe, we are a 501c3 non profit.


⭐️Because of your generous and tax deductible donations and show ticket purchases, we get to do our cutting edge and ground breaking work of helping change lives through the arts!  To help others through what we do gives us inspiration and  PURPOSE!  For that we are The Barry GRATEFUL PerformingArtsCenter!  We could NEVER DO IT WITHOUT YOU!

Sincerest Thanks,

Kip Barry  


Kip Barry delivers the full cabaret experience! Come discover mind-bending illusions and mouth-watering cuisine that will leave you stunned.