6 Important Things To Know, When Booking Tickets For The Show!

👇 Book Your Tickets On The Calendar at The BOTTOM Of This Page  👇 

1). Show options: We have 3 main ticket sections, VIP Gold, Silver and Ruby. These categories are based upon their proximity to the stage. VIP Gold are closest to the stage, then Silver, followed by Ruby. Each seat and section is available for adults and children.  A child is between the age of 2 to 12 years of age.  Simply go to the bottom 👇 of this page, pick the date you wish to attend on the calendar, select which section you care to be in, select if you’re an adult or child, if you want dinner or not, and whether or not you want the beer & wine option (your ID will be checked with this option).  It’s Very easy.👌😉  *Please note: If the section you want says “out of stock”, that means only that, that section is sold out, there still may be seats for the show in another section.

2). OUR DINNER OPTION & MENU -NOTE:  As when ordering show tickets, THERE IS A 2 PERSON MINIMUM. Dinner/Show people NEED TO  ARRIVE AT 6:30pm (Thur-Sat) & 1:30pm on Sunday.

🍽 Our dinner is served in the theater – Our menu varies from week to week, always features healthy vegetarian as well as gluten free options and consists of about 10 different items, chosen from the list of these following house favorites!

☆ Delicious baby back barbecue spare ribs • Mediterranean organic chicken breast shish kebab’s grilled in extra virgin olive oil • grass fed sliced sirloin beef • roast beef & gravy • Italian sausage and beef lasagna • seasoned baked potatoes with butter • baked cod • cheesy scalloped potatoes • fresh assortment of • fried rice with vegetables • Teriyaki stir fried noodles •  steamed California vegetables • our house kale salad with poppyseed dressing, cranberries and sunflower seeds • warm French croissants • spring water • dessert cookie 

3). Drink option:
If you choose this, it  includes 2 generously poured drinks from a selection of premium and domestic beers & California wines.  ­ 

⭐4) NOTE: BE EARLY.  Everyone enters into the Magical Cabaret from our MAGIC CAFE AS ONE GROUP!  So please make sure to arrive EARLY OR YOU WILL HOLD UP THE ENTIRE GROUP!  We suggest arriving

MINIMUM of 20 mins BEFORE 7PM (this is 20 mins before 2pm on Sunday).  Dinner/show people need to be a 1/2 hour early = 630pm (or 130pm on Sunday).  We suggest parking at The Anaheim Gardenwalk, we usually have plenty of parking.  Park on level 2 (the pink level), park close to the middle elevator, walk up 6 steps (or press 2R on elevator which takes you up the 6 steps) *use public restrooms to the right if needed.  You’ll notice a lit up mural of ours is on left.  Continue to the next corner take a left and we are 2 doors down on the left hand side (suite 141) go into The Magic Cafe.  Your first hour of parking is FREE & we will give you a sticker after the show to place on the back of your parking ticket for an additional FREE hour of parking.


*By arriving early, you also have more time to enjoy close up Magic in our Magic Cafe, as well as relax in our “Magical” cafe/bar & make your time here more fun & memorable!🪄🎩 

5). We are proud of our non profit, helping troubled kids and recovering individuals in our community.  It is our TICKET SALES and DONATIONS THAT ALLOW US TO DO THIS LIFE CHANGING WORK! FOR THIS IMPORTANT REASON, PLEASE BE AWARE OUR TICKETS ARE ADVANCED TICKETS ONLY AND ARE NON REFUNDABLE!   

6). Our non profit: In addition to being Kip Barry’s Cabaret and The Magic Cafe, we feel our  MAIN PURPOSE is on our 501c3 non profit, The Barry Grateful Performing Arts Center.

Our focus here is to change lives through the arts!  To help and give inspiration, direction and PURPOSE to troubled kids, the disadvantaged, disabled, recovering addicts and the elderly. 

We use magic and other performance arts as a tool for healing, learning, communicating,  reconnecting and recovery. 

ALL our proceeds stay to help the LOCAL community. 

We sincerely thank you for your kind donations!



Kip Barry