Become a Magician Today!

Learn how to perform 7 easy-to-do Magic Tricks with a Magic Wand and amaze your crowd.

The Magic Wand

The magician should always have a Magic Wand to define his character to the audience. The wand is associated with a magician as much as the hammer is to the carpenter, the hoe is to the farmer, the scalpel is to the physician and the chisel is to the sculptor. They are all instruments of their trade, and just as people expect a carpenter to have a hammer, they expect a magician to have a Magic Wand.

Jean Eugène Robert Houdin

Harry HoudiniEhrich Weiss did not conjure the name “Harry Houdini” out of thin air. Following the hallowed tradition of his craft, the name pays homage to the Father of Modern Magic Jean Eugene Robert Houdin.

Nineteenth-Century French magician Robert Houdin was the first modern magician to discard the robes of the wizard and perform a stage show in a formal gentleman’s attire. He’s also considered the inventor of the modern magic wand, black ebony centered with white ivory tips, the tips representing polarity & energy.

This classic wand has remained with us today as a symbol of the magician’s power.


Great tricks to WAVE A WAND AROUND!

7 Easy to Do Magic Tricks

Every magician should own at least one good Magic Wand AND know how to make use of this handy magical tool as an aid in providing misdirection.

That’s why at Kip Barry’s Cabaret we are more than happy to teach you 7 Easy to do Magic Tricks with a Magic Wand to amaze your audience, parents, or friends!

Magnetized Wand

Place the wand across the open palm of one hand, with the back of the hand toward the audience. Curl your fingers into a fist. Slowly open your fingers and the wand seems magnetized to your hand.

Secret: Grip your wrist with your other hand. Don’t let the place audience see your right index finger holding the wand in place.

The Improved Magnetic Wand

This is an improved version of the Magnetic Wand Effect. This time, the wand will cling to your left hand, even after your right hand is removed!

To prepare, use a couple of rubber bands to attach a pencil or chopstick to your arm. You can then put the magic wand behind the pencil to hold it in place. Perform the effect, just like the regular magnetic wand trick, then remove your hand allowing the wand to remain in place!

Rubber Wand

Have your friends touch the wand to see that is solid. Then hold the wand loosely as you move your arm rapidly up and down. Movement should come from your shoulder. The wand will look like a rubber stick.

Wand From a Card Box

The Magician shows a card box, opens it, and removes a magic wand!

To prepare, cut a slit inside or bottom of the box. Place wand up your sleeve with an end coming through slit…so you can reach it. Enter the room with the box in hand. Your hand hides the wand coming from your sleeve.

“Magicians need to keep their magic wands handy. Mine is in this box. I’ll show you.”

Open the box, reach in, and pull out the wand. Hold the wand in your hand and put the box in your pant’s pocket or out of view.

Rising Wand

To perform this effect, tie a piece of black thread to one end of the wand. Attach the other end to a button on your shirt. Place the wand into an empty bottle. The end with the string attached should go in first. By moving away from the bottle, the wand will begin to rise. Moving toward the bottle causes the wand to drop back down inside.

Rising Ring

Tie a piece of black thread to one of the ends of the magic wand. Hold the wand vertically with the tip without thread downwards. Slide the ring on the wand from top to bottom. When you move your hand away from your body the ring rises. At the end of the trick snap the thread and give the ring and wand for examination.

The Telekinetic Wand

Place the wand on the table. Rub your fingers on your sleeve as if you are building a static charge. Wiggle your fingers and the wand will magically roll away from you. To make this effect happen, you will actually blow some air toward the wand to start it rolling.

Be sure to keep your mouth still when you blow. The misdirection of your wiggling fingers creates a perfect illusion. Your audience won’t suspect a thing!