Barry Deluxe Magic Kit



Our Deluxe Kit is The Best of The Best! *You receive TOP SECRET, a way to vanish anything that can fit in your hand, including over 100 ways to use it! Also included is a beautiful silk handkerchief! *You receive one of the most AMAZING SELF WORKING Magical Card Decks in the world. It is easy to use, AMAZINGLY VERSATILE, and performs OVER 100 different tricks! *You receive a sponge ball kit! We give you 4 red sponge balls, and teach you how to use them interactively to astound your audience participants! You also get over 25 different ways to use them! *You receive one of the most classic and powerful rope kits in the World of Magic, allowing you to do one of The Greatest Mind Bending Rope Illusions of all time! *Every Magician should be able to pick up a borrowed deck of cards and perform with them. As a BONUS, we include a book with 75 tricks using a REGULAR deck of cards! We are incredibly proud of this collection and believe you will be as well. We particularly like that you can do so MANY THINGS with each item in this kit. We include video tips and suggestions by the Master of Magic, Kip Barry himself, on every trick!