Guest Blogger: Professor Fire

Previously I wrote of the how I got into working with fire, now I’d like to speak of the why. “Because I can” is a response I’ve used and it does make people laugh, but it’s really only part of the reason. Fire-eating centers me, no matter what’s going on in the world or in my life all I have to do is light a torch and gaze into the flame and all’s right with the world, and with me. The first move is when my happiness begins.

This is my art, my creative outlet. It makes me think, to imagine what the end result will be and to strive to reach it.

And yet it helps me relax, in some cases makes me do so, since the harder I push, the less things seem to flow. I have to take a step back, take a few deep breaths, then start again, just let my experience and the fire itself make the moment happen.

I have built my act, and in a way my life, around fire, it has given me lots of chances I never would have had otherwise, especially to perform with my assistant Eegore, to share my art, and the twisted sense of humor he and I share, with others.

You can catch Eegore and I at Kip Barry’s Cabaret. See for tickets to see the Amazing Kip Barry and us.

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